Success Story with the City of Greensboro

So this weekend my girlfriend and I were returning from an outing and we witnessed what we interpreted as the excessive use of force with a suspect by Lankford Protective Services across the street at the Depot. Concerned I called 911 hoping that uniformed police officers might help but my concern was apparently not taken seriously by the operator. After doing some digging I realized the person I needed to speak with was one Michael Speedling . On calling I was told by the receptionist that he had adjacent calls and meetings scheduled and that he would call back on getting my message. She kindly took my message and I hung up expecting a call maybe late the same day or perhaps the next day. Imagine my surprise when he called back within minutes of my call and took my concern quite seriously. So seriously in fact, that he followed up (again within the hour) to let me know that he'd located the report and that he'd be reviewing a surveillance video of the incident to make a determination as to what actually happened. Sensing that I might have more general concerns with the conduct of the police department we talked at length about the low incidence of complaints against the police relative to the number of contacts with the public and recent crime statistics. Honestly public servants like this guy rarely get the credit they deserve Greensboro is lucky to have such an erudite, responsive, and wildly overqualified person occupying this Assistant City Manager for Public Safety position.

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