New Year's Miscellany

So I went to Cafe Europa for New Year's alone. I'm still fairly recently single by my standards. I can't resist talking to new people and I couldn't help but notice that New Year's seems not to be a holiday for single folk. Now it certainly isn't as in your face about it as Valentine's day which manages to be a pushy arrogant and self satisfied holiday which I can't help loving when I have someone to celebrate it with and hating when I don't.

Honestly though New Year's does make you take stock and honestly taking stock is never a good thing as we always seem to concentrate on stocks that tank and can't really think about those that went up. If you're wondering this last year was extremely bearish for yours truly I put all my money on what I thought was blue chip but turned out to be wildcat stock.

When I was there though I found people open and friendly and unfailingly gracious to a lone interloper like myself. I'm glad I went out. I met someone who works in foreign service, a proprietress of a small shop, a behind the camera person from a local news station, really tall people from brooklyn that still love North Carolina enough to be here rather than in NYC donning Mad Hatter haberdashery from a skin care company in Times square. So fervent was this Amazonian's love for the tar heel state and this city in particular that she had had a tattoo of it on her wrist with a star where Greensboro would be. I met a sweet woman who paid me a complement whom I hope I'll talk to again. I met a rapper for the second time and his producer. I paid people compliments and enjoyed the presence of an amiable crowd.

I went home alone happy with the world and with myself as a part of it.

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