A better way to fight abortion

I'm going to be nice here and throw a bone to my conservative friends they might be surprised. I hate abortions. Even though I don't think the bible prohibits abortion click here for more. I have had friends who have had them and they tell me it is traumatic. Actually though, I'm not far from wild Bill (nod to Mitch whose catchphrase I'm stealing) who vowed to make abortions safe, legal, and rare. You know what? He did. They went down every year of his Presidency. The right's strategy for ridding us of abortion is to overturn Roe v Wade. However this has far reaching consequences because the central holding of Roe is our right to privacy, our right to be left alone, our right to keep the government out of the most momentous and profound decisions in our lives. Clearly though, the state has an interest in protecting a viable fetus but it shouldn't trump the life/health of the mother. And if states make it illegal it will happen anyway and be more dangerous. So if we don't overturn Roe then where do we begin? How about we start by making a woman's decision whether or not to have an abortion less likely by stopping the pregnancy before it begins. Those of you who are against birth control there's no help for you here.

  • Contraception AND abstinence Education- lets face it abstinence education on its own just plain doesn't work every bit of data available proves that abstinence only programs actually exacerbate the teen pregnancy problem and therefore make abotions more likely. Abstinence with contraception as a fall back does work.
  • Contraception Availability. -Make pharmacy refusals illegal see my post below the Dems are on this. OTC Plan B/EC. Come on, the FDA scientists are virtually united on this and only political appointees are keeping this off the shelves.
  • Make adoption of domestic children easier-do our prospective parents really have to take vacations to get kids? No.
  • National Healthcare to make all that other stuff more available and to make having the kid more affordable 'cause lets face it having a kid is an economic decision too.
  • Fight poverty see bullet point above.


Anonymous said...

How about providing birth control to poverty level women and families FREE? We provide old geezers with Viagra thru Medicare (read that FREE!) and yet we insists that families and women who need all their resources just to give their family the basics for survival pay for their own birth control medication. Or we tell them to abstain. (read that:We want the male old geezers to get theirs with our blessing, but you young women out there just have to keep the aspirin between your knees or pay the consequences!).

Anonymous said...

That's because the choice is between helping low income ( too busy working to get involved in politics) women, and men who clearly had the resources to get old in the first place. Who do you think a bunch of old, rich, white guys are going to side with?
And these abstinence only folks are the same type that a couple generations ago were fighting to keep birth control illegal, and claimed that a married woman couldn't acuse her husband of rape.
God forbid we educate kids to make their own choices about sex. Especially since the educated ones KNOW what the real risks are and usually wait LONGER.

Jeffery said...

Ok, this is not an accurate interpretation of the bible. Fist of all we must understand it says water and dust in Numbers, not some unknown concoction. This was supernatural. Second of all we must understand God's opinion on sin and adultry is sin. God did this (the judging of the women)and he is allowed to take our lives because he is God and he is holy. He judges sin very harshly like when the civil authorities stoned Achan and his family for Achan's sin. Luckily we are not under the law but because of the blood of christ we are under grace. Read Romans 6 if you think sin is allowed even under grace. There is no place the bible says it is ok to murder anyone. In fact the bible speaks of God knowing us and even ordaining Jeremiah a prophet while in the womb. The bible forbids killing (except as punishment by the government). Mankind is sinful and things happen like they did all through the bible but that does not mean God condones it. The death of the child in Numbers 5 was a result of the mother's sin that God knew about even though there was no proof. Sad thing about sin is that it never effects just one person.

Juan Vasquez said...

so you're okay with Authorities (or God) killing children for the alleged sins of their parents. but you get angry about abortion? That's not a very consistent pro life position.