Pandora is the new coolest site on the net. Go there. Go now!!! Don't wait for me to describe it. Oh well for those of you who are still here. Have you ever had a converation with somebody and you said "i like ____" and they said "Well if you liked _____ then you'll love ____" (keep it clean kiddies I'm talking about music here)? And then when you listend to ____ you became obsessed with them bought all there records and started a fan site and a fan club and tracked down their lead singer and followed her to her... oh sorry. Anyway you get the idea. You put in a name of a song/artist and then it plays a "station" stuff from that genre and tells you why each song is playing. Don't like something give it the thumbs down. Like it give it the thumbs up. It takes note and makes decisions based on your preferences. You can have multiple "stations" for your moodiness. And no they weren't grouped by computer. They were grouped by music theory majors. I always wondered what they did. Pandora is great especially for aging hipsters like myself.

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