Why I like Brad Miller AND Howard Coble

I'm in Brad's district NC-13 and because of the vagaries of districting he, Howard Coble-R of NC-6, and Mel Watt-D NC-12 all have offices within a block or two of my residence. The only congressperson representing parts of Guilford County without an office within walking distance is freshman wingnut Virginia Foxx-R of NC-5. If you can, imagine Guilford County as a square shaped pizza. Just imagine the guy cutting the pizza was tripping or saw a particularly cute girl and you'll have some idea of the erratic twists and turns these districts take. To give you an idea, I live in the center of Greensboro, zip 27401 and I had to add the plus four to find out who my representative was. Anyway, I like Brad because he's fairly progressive. According to ProgressivePunch about 85% of the time. His staff is very friendly and patient and happy to answer questions. So why do I like Howard Coble? Two words; constituent services. The man and his staff are practically legendary in this regard. My family has benefited from his staff's commitment to the folks here. While I may disagree with his politics, if I lived in his district I'd probably still vote for him. Maybe that's why last time the Dems didn't bother to field a challenger to him. The security of his seat also allows him to make principled stands from time to time. I honestly don't know much about Mel Watt other than he's a member of the congressional black caucus (good). Here's a joke about his district NC-12. If Mel drove up 85-40 with his doors open he could hit every constituent in his district.


Perfekt Equivocator said...

Ok, I think im a little shallow for not knowing who you're talkin' about.. but hmm kilgore lost virginia! yea!!!!

Mark Binker said...

Hey there.

Howard Coble did have a challenger last time, a Greensboro Lawyer named William Jordan. Now, Coble got 73 percent of the vote, so you could debate whether Mr. Jordan was a particularly effective challenger, but his name was on the ballot.

Tarheel Dem said...

Thanks to the shout out to my boss. Let me know if you are interested in getting involved as we may have a crazed conservative to run against in the fall.