Jean Schmidt and Latino Heat

In the words of the great Chris Jericho "Would you puhleeze shut the hell up?!!" The most junior member of congress called a bronze star winner a coward. That is chutzpah. By the way Chris has some words about the passing of the Great Eddie Guerrero. If you didn't get to see him perform you really missed something. He was a technical wizard and a fearless high flyer. Once I saw a Smackdown with him and Edge. He was a heel (for non wrestling fans a bad guy) Edge was a face (for those with IQ's under 90 a good guy) Anyway the match seemed to go on for like twenty minutes very entertaining ladders, jumping, self sacrifice for the enjoyment of fans. It was such a performance it transcended the storyline. When a victorious Edge had left the arena to cheers, the crowd spontaneously started chanting Eddy, Eddy, Eddy.... we still chant Eddy, Viva la Raza!!

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