NC-5 Foxx will see Bush but you won't

Looks like I gave that Blue haired wingnut Virginia Foxx too much credit in my earlier post. I learned from BlueNC that she is indeed going to be seen with the Preznit but not in public.

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TarGator said...

Thanks for the nod to bluenc.com. I was really amazed when I saw it. Both for the fact that it is basically a below the radar event (too unpopular of a president to make truly public appearances) and the fact that Foxx is jumping at the bit to appear to be the invited elite.

I was just surfing and found the itenerary for the event. I am about to post it on http://bluenc.com with some more comments. I am just waiting for the photo with Bush's arm around Foxx. Hopefully it will help her lose just like it helped Kilgore in Virginia.