My reason for boycotting Target is better than theirs

All across the country women looking to fullfill their prescriptions for birth control have had stumbling blocks thrown in their way. You want proof? Check here, here, here, and here. What are my buddies the Democrats doing about it? This. So what does that have to do with Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie and other places I now refuse to shop? Well all of these places through their policy's allow the man/woman behind the counter to make that call. The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy has a position statement. Here it is.

Q: Does North Carolina have a “Conscience Clause” for dispensing
emergency contraceptives?
A: The Board has adopted a policy on pharmacists' refusal to dispense prescriptions in certain circumstances: A pharmacist should function by serving the individual, community and societal needs while respecting the autonomy and dignity of each patient. The best practice by
a pharmacist is to promote the good for every patient in a caring, compassionate
and confidential manner. Pharmacists should discuss and resolve any questions about emergency contraception prior to employment. Compassionate care and conscientious objection are not mutually exclusive. A pharmacist has the right to avoid being complicit in
behavior that is inconsistent with his or her morals or ethics. It is unacceptable, however, for pharmacists to impose their moral or ethical beliefs on the patients they serve. Pharmacists who object to providing a medication for a patient on this basis alone, therefore, should take proactive measures so as not to obstruct a patient’s right to obtain such medication. The Board notes that although pharmacists have a right to avoid moral or ethical conflict, they do not have a right to obstruct otherwise legitimate prescription dispensing or delivery solely on the basis of
conscientious objection. Board of Pharmacy staff interprets this policy to mean that if a pharmacist refuses to fill a prescription for emergency contraception then that pharmacist has an obligation to get the patient and the prescription to a pharmacist who will dispense that prescription in a timely manner.

Phrases and Concepts From:
American Pharmacist
Association Code of Ethics
May Pharmacists Refuse to Fill Prescriptions for
Emergency Contraception?, Cantor & Baum

New England Journal of Medicine, November 4, 2004, @ Pge. 2008

In many states the right wing's lobby has been successful in passing "conscience clause" legislation. Here is their scary Q and A.

Q. Isn't the pharmacist who declines to dispense such chemicals
"imposing" his morality on his client?

A. The pharmacist who declines to
dispense drugs or counseling which he knows to violate his conscience, properly
understood, is resisting an objective evil and, in fact, is doing his client a
favor. On the contrary, those who wish to mandate dispensing of drugs under any
and all conditions or whims are really the ones imposing a false, relativistic,
secular and humanistic morality on the pharmacist who understands that he cannot
cooperate in something objectively wrong or evil. Pharmacists are under no
obligation, even if written in the positive law, to violate the Divine Law. This
would include, but not be limited to any mandate to dispense or counsel for
contraception, abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide. It is a grave error,
which has arisen especially over the past 500 years, that a person may do as he
pleases without negative consequences in both the temporal and eternal

You know what assface? Don't go doing any favor's for the women in my life or I'll meet you outside in the parking lot. I've got your consequences right here. And anyway if you are truly pro-life or Anti-Abortion or whatever I've got news for you emergency contraception prevents abortions.

Dan Savage has a disturbing story here.

Why are they doing this? Because they can't accept defeat. they lost on Roe. They lost on Griswold. They lost on Brown. They lost on Schaivo. They stubbornly refuse to accept the rule of law.

You might wonder where you can reliably get your pill. Brooks Pharmacy/Eckerd, Costco, Fagen's, Harris Teeter, K-mart, Price Chopper, and Super Value.

So what is the right wing's reason for boycotting Target? The War on Christmas. In their defense Target did kick out The Salvation Army.

And since you can't give to the salvation army at Costco, BJ's, Wal-Mart, Sears/K-Mart or Kohl's now. You can give here.

So what have we learned? Well I think we can all agree that Target is evil, maybe not as evil as Wal-Mart but evil nonetheless.

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