The Democratic Agenda

In my last post I acknowledged that conventional wisdom is that Democrats don't have an agenda. Why is that so? Well because the Democrats do not control the House the Senate or the Executive branch so they cannot as a matter of practicality control the agenda. They don't make the schedule. It is much harder for them to introduce legislation than the Majority. Therefore they rarely make the news. That may all change in 2006 when the pendulum may swing back and the voters entrust the agenda to the Democrats. So if you want to see what we want to do go here. So you went to the site and you did the reading. You are thinking that sounds nice and all but where is the beef? For alot of the bullet points we already have legislation written and ready to go. I'll give you an example Tax Reform. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has written this bill.


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Very, very well done!

Laurie said...

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