Making progress on the House Democrat's Hundred Hours Agenda

First let's be clear about what is meant by 100 hours. Speeches don't count and only House working days count. That said a lot of progress has been made. Americans largely support the agenda. From Newsweek;

...the American public supports their proposed “First 100 Hours” agenda. An overwhelming majority says allowing the government to negotiate lower drug prices directly with pharmaceutical companies should be a top priority for a Democratic Congress (74 percent, including 70 percent of Republicans); 68 percent want increasing the minimum wage to be a top priority, including 53 percent of Republicans; 62 percent want investigating impropriety by members of Congress to be a top priority; and 58 percent want investigating government contracts in Iraq to be a top priority. Fifty-two percent say investigating why we went to war in Iraq should be a top priority (25 percent say it should a lower priority and 19 percent say it shouldn’t be done.)

Only two items remain on the list. Good job Madame Speaker.

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