Why I no longer want to marry Lisa Loeb

I was flippin channels the other day when I saw this show called #1 single. I'm a big Lisa fan (I named my dog after her song Taffy ) so I decided I'd watch. What a spectacle I was treated to! Lisa proved to me that for all her intelligent, fresh, and poignant lyrics she is just as incapable of appreciating irony as any Republican. I caught it in the middle but it appears she's a New Yorker now. She had gone out a couple of times with Allen Salkin the author of the Festivus book. So she's gonna be nice and show up at his book opening. OK fine. So we're at her house? Anyway one of her friends (sister?) shows up with the copy of the tabloid New York Post. Lisa and Allen are featured in page six (the gossip page). Here's E!'s balanced take on it.

But things sour with Allen after he's quoted in a Page Six gossip item about Lisa. Could he be pimping their relationship to promote his new book? Allen won't fess up to planting the story but admits he likes the free press. Lisa and her sister Debbie's reactions suggest we've seen the last of this dud for a while.

So he gave them a quote big whup. Well I saw her decide that he was not Lisa worthy and basically accuse him of trading off her celebrity while she was followed around by cameras from E!. C'mon she went on a mock date with Isaac Mizrahi and paraded around in a thong. Am I the only one who see hypocrisy in this? Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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