NC-5 don't expect to see the Preznit

As I've noted in earlier posts Guilford County is represented by not 1, not 2 not 3 but 4 count 'em 4 Congressmen/Congresswomen. Question: what is Virginia Foxx going to run on? Whose coat tails? She's certainly not going to run on Republican accomplishments they have done nothing. Generic congressional preference polls favor Dems by a large margin. Even her conservative district could be competitive with the right candidate (Note to Allen: that pic with the skyline hmmm maybe a bit too phallic). The Prez has proven he's no good at getting people elected lately. He's at 57% dissaproval in NC as of 11/14 according to SurveyUSA. What can you do to get the Foxx out of the hen house as it were? Act Blue.


Perfekt Equivocator said...

What are you..? Democrat or Republican..?

Let me guess.. You're in support of the Independent?!


Anyway I changed my url :D Just lettin' you know and I was wondering if you mind if i linked you :D

Juan Vasquez said...

I'm a Democrat. You are welcome to link to me if you like. Thanks for visiting and the heads up that your url changed.