Don't Panic

Yesterday was so hard. It was the last day for the remaining members of my old team.
You see I survived a round of outsourcing and contrary to my last post I actually still work at D&B in another position. Last night after supping at M'Coul's , I intended to go see some independent films at the the green bean but when I got there I met this really nice interesting preson who was crocheting a sleeve and then I just couldn't get back into a lonely filmgoer mindset. If you are out there lady hello. Last night while I was chatting this person up Dubya was telling us means testing is the way to go to fix Social security's non-problem. Apparently the networks were about as interested in the ramblings of a guy with a 47% approval rating as I was 'cause they left him two questions before he was done to go back to their banal schedule. After that I went home to quietly read my copy of The Nation and go to sleep but I was kept awake by my neighbors (who in their defense gave me fair warning) partied all night. Tonight since I'm having no luck with the women I'll be seeing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with family.

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