Iraq gives the world the finger

A big purple index finger that is. Hooray for turnout that in most parts of the country (except for the sunni triangle) puts U.S. voters to shame. In other news Presidential medal of freedom winner L. Paul Bremer (Jerry) misplaced 9 billion dollars while running the country for just a few months.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,

If you are trying to rip off Sienfeld as your user name you might want to check the spelling. If your name really is Sakamato then sorry. However, if you meant Bob Sakamano, then you are a retard.

PS- Either way your politics suck. Blog on.


Rick said...

I imagine he will continue to "blog on". And you should thank him! He brings meaning to your pathetic little empty life by "blogging on"!

Funny how you identify yourself as Kramer, the least intelligent of the gang. Also funny how you can't say word one about the topic at hand (Iraq's election and/or Bremer's faux pas). Hey, but keep up the name-calling! That's all we get from your camp anyway.

FunkyLoona said...


Leave Bob alone, or we'll hunt you down, and glue your delicates to a sewer hole.

Ps)And I don't mean your undies, they're way too far up your ass for anyone to reach.