My Anonymous Candidacy

Having been outsourced, right sized, performance managed, layed off, fired whatever-- I had the opportunity to think about my future. I now have alot of free time and I want to enlist myself in a "cause greater than myself". No I am not joining the military. I am announcing my anonymous candidacy in the upcoming Iraqi elections. I will not be on the ballot though because like many candidates I'm too scared to put my name on the ballot. Kinda gives a new meaning to the term "secret ballot". I think I bring alot to the table. Although I am not a muslim, I have no ethnic ties to the region and know little about it save what I see on network news, I share solidarity with the vast majority of Iraqis in that I am both unemployed and hate George W Bush with a passion. So If you are an expatriot Iraqi voting in the states or even one who has managed to make it to a working computer in Iraq. Think of me on election day. A vote for me could be your own. How would you know? And to those US citizens reading this I ask are you enjoying your fascism?

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