Happy New Year

Well I'm hanging out at my friend Sarah's house in MD. Last evening we went to a new years party at City Museum in DC right next to the npr building . Getting in was a fiasco but Ali managed to save us some time somehow. I called out to him once while we were in line and I swear like a third of the guys in line looked my way. I somehow managed to scam us access to all three levels. There were more Desi's there than you could shake a stick at. The white and black contigent was pretty thin. The venue was nice and the music was ok but people seemed as a group not very motivated to dance. They had some Desi drummers there and whenever they did their thing things picked up a bit. Drinks were free most of the night but i'm not a big drinker. All things considered I had fun and I owe Sarah one for getting us tickets. Thank you Sarah, Kevin, and Ali.


FunkyLoona said...

Happy New Year you! No more dancing with men for you! haha =P

Anonymous said...

10 days and no update? I am living on the edge. I need to know what is happening next!