Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Happy Chanukah!! I've been real busy with work and the like. We had the obligitory office party and it was OK. Though, I think I had more fun at the VIF party that was being held upstairs. In 2001 I shamelessly crashed it, but this year my buddy from work whose wife is here through their program invited me up. I danced salsa (rather well) with a couple of Columbian chics. Then I hung out at Rick's house with his wife and Dorie (happy birthday Dorie).

Last week on Wednesday was the 10th Anniversary of my 21st birthday. Over the weekend I was hanging out with my sis and we were watching Dharma & Greg. She noted the long Chuck Lorre Productions text that shows for a split second at the end. She said she wanted to tape it and freeze frame it so she could read it and I remarked that that is exactly what he wants her to do. "that's what the internet is for" I said. Sure enough the "vanity cards" are available here. I like them, they seem very like a blog.

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