The Soldier

Hi. Back from the flu (the blame for which I put on Dubya).

Aren't you glad major combat operations have ended?

Well, NBC brings us more proof that we are not on the moral high ground in this war. I 've already heard plenty of dissembling on his behalf. It makes me want to puke blood. His actions flout Geneva. I support our troops. I give to the USO. But I want the stiffest penalty availble to be applied post court martial to this guy.

In the words of Senator Joe Biden "There's a reason we sign these treaties. It's to protect my son in the military, ....That's WHY we have them."

The real blame should go to the chickenhawks in the Bush Administration who started this thing. If they hadn't lied us into this thing then the soldier would never have been in that position.

Futhermore, about Fallujah and Mosul, our military can win any tactical battle it engages in but the war has already been lost. Lost by indiscriminate bombing. Lost by disbanding the Iraqi army. Lost by mismanagement by the CPA or Cant' Provide Anything as my aquaintance at USAID called it. Lost by Abu Ghraib. And now, lost by our heavy handed, ham handed, attacks on Fallujah and Mosul.

The message that the Iraqis have been sending from the beginning is clear and simple. Thanks for ridding us of Saddam NOW GET OUT!!!

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